Maintenance Service Procedures are unique and tailored to each individual system. All brands makes and models guides are followed in accordance with manufactures specifications and Australian standards. For more general information on what we do and what it cost. See our price guide for the type of system you have and In depth Information on what we do for the type of unit you have.

Single head Refrigerated Split system A/C General maintenance & Servicing.
1 unit $149
2 units $249

* 10% pensioner & Seniors discount available.


A split system service will take roughly 45 minutes. This includes a full safety check of the indoor and outdoor units for correct Fan function and operation. All internal Components are inspected. Indoor unit Filters are cleaned. internal heating and cooling coils are freed from dust with compressed air and refreshed with antibacterial solution. Indoor plastic cover wiped and cleaned with antibacterial wipes. Refrigerant pressure levels are checked for normal operation. Heating and cooling cycles tested. Outdoor unit cooling coil brushed and cleaned free from dust and cobwebs.


If your system is not blowing cold air Theres are a number of reasons this could be happening. A service call out will be required and we will need to perform a series of tests to diagnose the issue and determine the cause.

Evaporative cooler Service and maintenance. $175 (Single story houses only)

Double story houses from $199

10% pensioner & Seniors discount available

Evaporative cooler services take roughly 45-60 minutues. They include a full safety check of all internal components including water pump, fan cycle. Water dumping valve. Fan is checked for balance and correct operation. Control board and capacitor is inspected for wear and tear or signs of malfunction .

Filter pads are washed,  Internal water tank is cleaned and treated with a antibacterial solution. Unit is tested at maximum capacity

Evaporative cooler rebuilds start from $399* depending on brand make and model. Excluding pads

* evaporative cooler filter pad replacements fully installed start from $499 fully installed

Central and ducted heating unit servicing and general maintenance $175

10% Pensioner & Seniors discount available

Wall Furnace’s $175

Space heaters $149

Hydronic heating $249

Gas log fires $249

Split system inverter $149

Servicing of gas ducted units includes a full gas leakage test of heater pipeline. C02 Carbon dioxide gas check, Inspection of ductwork and outlets. Inspection of all working components and tested accordingly. Return air filter cleaned or replaced if needed* subject to a filter charge. Thermostat temperature test. Emergency gas shut off valve operational. Flu / chimney in good working order sealed and exhausting.