Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner

Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Air Conditioner

7 Reasons for Servicing Your Air Conditioner

With the rising cost of electricity, servicing your Air Conditioner should be numbed one of your spring bucket list! Preventative maintenance in order to maintain quality and prolong the lifespan of your heating and cooling system makes sense. Peace of mind and the safety of your family are obvious reasons why you would schedule a service, but if you need further convincing, here’s a list of less obvious but just as important reasons to keep the air flowing smoothly in your home!

Prolonging the lifespan of your Air Conditioner:

Servicing your Air Conditioning and Heating system is one of the most basic steps towards prolonging the lifespan of your unit. Servicing checks faults that are likely to occur in future allowing the option of simple preventative maintenance before irreversible and expensive damage occurs.
Servicing is a way of taking care of damage before it becomes a bigger problem and harder to handle.
Air Conditioner’s that are regularly serviced have a larger lifespan compared to those that are not regularly serviced. Call today and book an all-round maintenance check to ensure the working components inside your Air Conditioner are safe, efficient and in optimum working order for the summer!

Massive decrease in energy consumption:

Saving energy has become a worthy goal in all parts of the world. Do your bit! An effective way to reduce your greenhouse gas contributions is to ensure your air conditioning unit is working efficiently and operating as it was originally designed.

A faulty Air Conditioner tends to burn more energy due to heat being expelled during the process of warming up the Air Conditioner system.

Servicing your Air Conditioner cleans all parts of the unit, which makes the process of heating up the system much faster and more efficient. When the Air Conditioner system heats up quickly as designed, the amount of energy consumed on average is far less.

Maintaining your AC unit greatly reduces your chances of unexpected and expensive repairs. When an AJW Air Conditioning service technician arrives and inspects your unit, they identify and repair minor faults and lubricate mechanical components as part of the service.

Lubrication decreases wear caused by friction and helps to prevent excessive corrosion of the unit’s internal parts.

Stay in control of your budget! Mention this article when you book your AJW Preventative Maintenance Service and pay only $149 for a comprehensive service!

Better Circulation & Air Quality:

The air circulated by your Air Conditioner has the potential to promote the spread of mold and leave an unpleasant odor throughout the dwelling.

Regular maintenance is the best method of ensuring that your Air Conditioner circulates clean, fresh, high quality air.

An unclean, poorly maintained Air Conditioning unit tends to spread impurities and becomes contaminated, filled with dust and oil particles which were trapped in the fans.
Servicing removes the trapped dirt and oil particles and has an immediate impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of your heating or air conditioning unit.

Effective Temperature Control:

A malfunctioning air conditioning unit likely produces inconsistent air temperatures throughout the home., leading to frustrating arguments, especially in the colder seasons when you need a constant supply of warm air in all rooms in your home, not just the rooms closer to the main unit.

Regular maintenance and servicing of your Air Conditioner helps to ensure that the temperature of the air coming from all outlets is consistent.
AJW Air conditioning technicians check to ensure that internal fans are working as designed which ensures that air is well circulated throughout all rooms of your home.

Saves time wasted on repairs:

Although this one seems obvious, it’s worth remembering that your unit will likely stop working or even worse, not start at all! Just when you feel it’s needed most too.

Has the heater been off for 6 months and you’ve just realised how nice it would be to turn it on for the night? Will it work?
A faulty Air Conditioner can really put a dampener on your much deserved rest time with your family.
On extremely hot days, a faulty Air Conditioner may make concentrating on more important activities difficult.

A well serviced Air Conditioner simply saves another one of those annoying hassles. You deserve it!

Peace of Mind:

AJW Air Conditioner and Heater Servicing is an effective way to rest well at night. Even with smoke detectors and modern safety wiring, smoke from fire caused by a fault in your roof will take longer to reach your smoke detectors. Remember, Smoke Rises!

Oder Neutralising, Anti-bacterial Cleaning Solution
Air Conditioner servicing includes internal chemical cleaning also known as ‘overhaul’ This compound is designed for HVAC units and is as part of your service.

The purpose of chemical cleaning of your Air Conditioner is to remove stuck and stubborn dirt particles lodged deep in the air conditioning system. These dirt particles are likely to affect the working condition and life cycle of your system.

Manufacturers Recommend Maintenance:

Air conditioning manufacturers often encourage regular servicing to maintain the quality of the Air Conditioner. Air Conditioning units are mechanic devices and it’s often overlooked that these machines deal with elements in the liquid, solid and gas state all at differing temperatures. It’s easy to see that even the highest quality air conditioning units will require regular maintenance.
If you want to enjoy the benefits associated with extended warranties, some manufactures will state that regular servicing is compulsory. We provide a full report at the end of your service for you to keep and use as proof of servicing should the need arise.

Servicing is the key to a warm winter and a breezy summer!

Prevent noise and bad smell:

There are instances that your Air Conditioner may be producing an annoying noise. An Air Conditioner that has a mechanical problem is likely to produce some noise. Servicing your Air Conditioner regularly helps identify the source of noise. Bad smell is also another common problem with many Air Conditioners and this is also a problem that can be solved by regular servicing. Servicing helps clean your Air Conditioner and identify the source of the bad smell.

Air Conditioner servicing is an important activity because just like you take good care of your car and other electronic gadgets, the Air Conditioner should not be any different. Servicing may seem like a time-wasting activity but the benefits of a regular service outweigh the time spent and cost incurred.

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